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Tips for Choosing Themed Lego

Lego sets are loved by young and old builders. There is no limit to what you can do with these and you can expand your imagination and build things that are truly unique. There are also so many Lego themed sets available and if you are choosing one as a gift, there are a few tips you can use to ensure you choose a truly memorable gift.

You have to consider the interests of the builder

For example, if they are an avid fan of Star Wars, you can find Lego star wars sets that they will love. These can also be displayed once they have finished assembling it so it can be a decorative element as well. There are also Lego architecture sets, cityscapes, superheroes and so many other franchises that you can consider. You can think about what the favourite moves and hobbies of the recipient are so that you can narrow down on the theme. There is a theme to suit everyone and you can check out an online Lego retailer to get an idea of the options out there.

Think about the age of the recipient as Lego sets are designed with certain age ranges in mind. You don’t need to strictly stick to this but it can definitely be helpful when narrowing down on options. This will give you an idea of the skill level the builder should have. If you are choosing a Lego set for a child, there are sets that are easy to assemble with vibrant colours and interesting themes. For older Lego enthusiasts, you can find something more intricate that they can spend time on and build up their construction skills.

The size and complexity of the Lego set have to be considered as well

For young children, there are small Lego sets that come with a smaller number of pieces. There are also massive sets that can take hours and days to complete. You will also need to think about the time and space the builder has and whether they have the patience for a massive Lego build. A smaller set can be quite satisfying and it can be completed quickly. A larger set offers more of a challenge and it can be an immersive experience for the recipient. There are collectible mini figures in many Lego sets and this will add another depth to the builds. You can select a set that has favourite characters of the recipient. Maybe it is based on a favourite movie and the mini-figures will be iconic figures from this. There are also mini-figures from sports, TV shows etc. This will provide more options for displaying the finished set and boost the overall appeal of it as well.

There are also limited edition Lego sets that are released from time to time

These are used to commemorate special occasions and some will cater to specific interests. You can keep a reminder for these releases so that you can purchase a unique build that will be highly appreciated by the recipient. These will have rare mini-figures as well. These limited edition sets are much sought after in the Lego community. You can check online ratings and reviews to get an idea of which set to purchase. This will give you an idea about the building experience and the quality of the Lego pieces.

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