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Signs of Poor SEO on Your Website

SEO or search engine optimisation can make a big difference to your website. This is what helps your website rank higher in organic Google search results when a user types something relevant or a keyword that relates to your product or service. It can take a lot of time to refine your SEO but it can be so rewarding as you will have targeted traffic to your site.

But even with an SEO strategy, you may notice that your competitors are getting more traffic compared to you. This will simply be due to poor SEO on your website. There are local SEO services that you can take advantage of to strengthen your SEO strategy. Something that you will notice with poor SEO strategy is that your organic search traffic goes down gradually. But to know this, you should be tracking analytics continuously. You will be able to see the success of your SEO by running a comparison in Google Analytics. You will then be able to see if organic search has been steadily going down in the last few months. There are a few reasons that this can happen. Sometimes, your site will have been given a penalty by Google or their algorithms may have changed which can lead to a poor site rank. Check if you have any security issues on your site as this can cause your ranking to drop as well.

Understanding which keywords to target is very important when it comes to successful SEO. There are many tracking tools that can be used to find keywords that relate to your products and services. Having poor SEO is the reason that your page is not ending up on the first page of Google. You may also notice that you are not converting enough customers from search engine traffic. You need to focus on your target audience to do this. The content you use is also important for the success of your SEO. Your content should be original and interesting enough that people read and share it. Go through your website content to see if they are outdated or whether the style of writing doesn’t invite reading.

Sometimes, instead of a steady decline in organic traffic you will notice that there is a significant drop in organic traffic almost overnight. And this can be due to black hat SEO technics you may have used on the site. This is another reason to use reputed and reliable digital marketing agencies as they will follow the right procedures when it comes to bringing your search ranking up. Some of the black hat techniques are comment spamming, overusing keywords on your pages, spinning content and link farming. Keyword rankings are another aspect that you should be checking. When it comes to keywords, primary keyword positions take priority. You will anyway have some changes in keyword ranking throughout the day but if the position of the keyword ranking drops suddenly, this may be due to a weak SEO strategy.

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