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Ad Agency Red Flags

When we start a new working partnership with an advertising agency (or indeed any type of service provider, for that matter), we have very high expectations that the partnership will offer us excellent service, an excellent product, and overall, a relationship that will be advantageous to us. And, in many instances, this is exactly what winds up happening. But what if everything isn’t perfect and you get the impression that theservice they are offering you is falling short? The most important thing is to figure out whether or not the relationship only needs a little bit of work to get it back on track, or whether it’s better to just move on. Here are several red flags that indicate your agency’s services might be subpar.

Is it a strategic partnership you have with them? Any vendor you choose to partner with, such as a creative agency Brisbane should put in the effort to learn about your business, your objectives, and your point of view. Dealing with this effectively requires going deeper than the surface level. Your advertising agency should be eager to learn and should, within a fair length of time, have a strong knowledge of the company to the point that they might contribute not just from the perspective of the tactical execution but also from the perspective of the strategy. They are definitely missing the target if, within a few months of working with you, they do not understand your company nearly as well as you do.

Have they got your interests in mind while making decisions? A large number of sellers will tell you things like “they love their customers so much” and “they do the right thing,” but these are just empty words. The evidence is not really in what they claim; rather, it may be seen in their actions. What steps does your service provider take when a project runs into problems, obstacles, or even veers off course completely? Do they provide you a slew of justifications about the challenges or blockages they faced that rendered it impossible for them to deliver the product? Or do they merely describe the difficulties and the approach that will be taken to overcome them, and afterwards put that strategy into action?

Do they communicate in a manner that is both clear and proactive? On projects, difficulties can emerge for a variety of reasons, including basic misunderstandings in communication and challenges with the available resources. The way in which your service provider deals with obstacles and challenges is, however, what truly sets them apart from the competition. Communication that is both open and honest is of the utmost importance. Your ad agency should actively provide information about how operations are doing and what is currently on track, in addition to giving you a heads up on any problems they may be having in the future. You ought to feel that your agency is being forthright and honest as to what is or isn’t getting achieved. This can consist of a status report or a monthly review.

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